Prudent Services

Prudent Head Hunters is a experienced recruitment consulting Firm working with businesses across industry domain verticals . We provide different hiring models from Zero cost hiring to RPO. .

Zero cost hiring

The candidate is prudent's payroll permanently . We do the hiring ,final selection is done by the client. Billing is done after 30 days and the invoice is raised to the company on 31st day to be paid by client within 5 working days.No fee is charged from client . Zero cost hiring is applicable to positions having 0-5 years of experience across the industry verticals .

Permanent Hiring

We at prudent apply and use the best industry practices to provide top drawer talent to our clients . The candidates will be on idrect payroll of the company and we charge our service search charge . Our approach is to evaluate,source,match,engage and reach to best talent avialable in the industry .View about our search rates at

Temp to Permanent Hiring

Temporary to permanent hiring model gives you an edge to evaluate the candidate , is the candidate a perfect fit for our company culture, is he/she able to cope up with the client , is he producing the results we expected out from him . Till you are not sure you ,candidate will be on our payroll and once you are clear and perfectly sure about the candidate , you can have him/her on your permanent payroll and he can be given extra benefits (different allowances ,leaves,etc)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Prudent's acts as a company's internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. Prudent manages the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the onboarding of the new hire, including staff, technology, method and reporting. RPO services of prudent has lower costs because the economies of scale enables us to offer recruitment processes at lower cost while economies of scope allow us to operate as high-quality specialists.
With RPO we also claim higher quality, because the commercial relationship between us and a client is likely to be based on specific performance targets. With remuneration dependent on the attainment of such targets, we will concentrate your resources in the most effective way - at times to the exclusion of non-core activity. Traditional internal recruitment teams are less likely to have such clearly defined performance target.

Payroll Outsource Processing

At Prudent's we have a pool of highly qualified CA's and CS ,we understand the complexities of payroll, statutory compliance and HR administration thoroughly. We have created innovative solutions that combine our extensive domain expertise, latest technology and unmatched service excellence to address the transformational needs of a mid-size business like yours.

Resume Building

Prudent has specifically designed this service for the candidates gets rejected in sourcing phase itself due to a bad resume. Many candidates are not able to showcase there skill set to there target organisation. Accelerate Your Career with Our Professional Resume Editing Service, A professional resume writer will update an existing resume or make a fresh resume. A live career expert will answer all your questions about hunting for a new job!
Need a new or overhauled resume? Work with an expert in your industry to create one. Through an initial 30–45 minute phone consultation and ongoing email collaboration, your writer will craft a document that impresses recruiters and hiring managers.